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Who we are

We currently have over 50 talented young men in our program, ranging from age 9-18. As a “not for profit” association, we rely on positive volunteers from the community and financial support from dedicated companies and individuals such as yourself. Competitions we utilize are expensive as they are world class events governed by a union that has been in existence for over 100 years.


The resources of the union are priceless as many college coaches and sports recruiters are linked in and each member of our program will greatly benefit from the experiences. The success of this program requires community physical and financial support; therefore, we respectfully ask that you support us in these endeavors as a continued sponsor.


Our program runs from February through July and consists of several activities intended to assist participants in developing the skills required to not only engage, but also excel in competition and life. By competing in competitions hosted in cities throughout the U.S., our student athletes gain valuable exposure to coaches and recruiters; thus making their goals of academic and athletic scholarship attainable. We hope you will invest in our youth’s future and we thank you for your time and continued support!

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