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What we do

Our focus areas is teaching the fundamentals of sports including basketball, soccer (futbol), baseball, and football. We encourage being a student athlete with emphasis on preparing athletes for the next level of competition. We like to emphasize that we develop our members both academically and athletically. We provide educational resources by utilizing volunteer tutors and mentors from the community. These services are provided with aim to make each member more competitive and marketable for athletic and academic scholarship opportunities.


Though we offer a sports program, we recognize EDUCATION as a key component in “reaching for excellence”. Therefore, we also focus on enrichment activities such as our Finance 101 and Foreign Language 101 to add additional educational aspects to our offerings. Other activities aim to enhance character building, citizenship activities such as visiting local nursing homes and churches, engaging in community volunteer projects, participating in local fitness walks/runs, as well as regular public fundraising events.


Though the games and sport are our medium, the main objective of our program is to help young individuals reach for excellence and encourage them to continue building our community as they grow to be healthy, productive adults.

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